The garden at 37 Heuvelstraat is a stage on which, day in day out, hundreds of performers play the role of their lives. This section presents some of the most dramatic, fascinating and suggestive scenes from the everlasting soap opera in which these actors and actresses give it their best. Their exploits, misgivings, conflicts and amorous vicissitudes guarantee startling twists, unsuspected complications and spicy intrigues. Closely follow their adventures and allow yourself to become mesmerized by the ups and downs of the protagonists, extras, ingénues, jeune premiers, prima donnas and other stars of this greenest soap ever. Exceptionally exciting, fiendishly entertaining and beastly illuminating.
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All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.
(William Shakespeare)
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The world is a stage. All play their role and get their part.
(Joost van den Vondel)
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All play their role on the earthly stage. All take their turn and get their part.
(Johan van Nijenborgh)
Each year, 37 Heuvelstraat presents new episodes of Garden Soap, a reality series about the lives and adventures of the garden's inhabitants. Sometimes funny, often heartrending and, for sensitive viewers, occasionally even shocking. The garden is not some blissful Eden, an idyllic place where lions and lambs harmoniously enjoy yet another sun-drenched, quiet day. Be warned that I am allergic to the increasing Disneyfication of nature and absolutely refuse to contribute to it. Nature is not pretty, pleasant, just, peaceful or charitable. But it is not nasty, horrible, biased, bloodthirsty or merciless either. At most, nature is indifferent. It is what it is: A never-ending value-free soap devoid of sense, meaning or purpose.
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Episode 8

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 5

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Episode 3

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Episode 4

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Episode 2

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Episode 1


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